Should you hire a web designer in 2017 or DIY?

You may have seen for yourself how many website builders and various tools have emerged recently. They all advertise themselves on the fact that they are extremely easy to use and all use the standard ‘drag and drop’ technology to design your website yourself without the need of IT help. So the question rises should you try one of these website builders for your new website or should you go ahead and hire a professional web designer in Dublin.  The answer simply is, it depends on what you are looking for.  Here are some things you should consider when making this decision:

What functionality are you looking for?

If you are looking to get a simple website that does not need to do anything intricate but display some basic business information you are in a good position to go try out a website builder. The website builders are designed for people with basic computer knowledge to be able to design and build their own website to their own liking. If you have the ability to edit and write a basic Microsoft word document you should have little or no problems with using one of these builders.

If on the other hand you are looking for some functionality form your site, like ecommerce or custom content system like user registrations or anything like that. In that case you have no choice but to find yourself a good web developer in Dublin.

How to find a good web developer in Dublin?

If you have arrived at the conclusion that you will have to use a web developer for your project you may begin to wonder how do you find a reliable person? How do you know how much your project will cost and if you can afford it all together? The good news is that finding a company to handle the project for you will be relatively easy, the hard part is deciding which one is worth giving your business to. My recommendation would be to go for the high or mid priced web design agencies in Dublin, their prices will be higher for good reasons.

A higher price tag usually means that the company has overheads to pay for and any serious agency will have reasonable overheads to pay for, you want to deal with a serious company instead of a cowboy coder. Secondly, good designers and coders charge high money for their time, this means that your project cost will be significantly higher with an experienced and skilled engineer vs an amateur. My recommendation is that you go for experience and high price versus low price and no experience, you may end up paying much more in the end if you decide to go down the savings route.

To summarise, there is nothing wrong with using web builders like or something like that for a standard information website for your business or whatever it is you need. When the need for some custom functionality arises you will inevitably find yourself in a situation where you will need the services of a seasoned website developer, and it will cost you.


The stress free way of hiring a cheap skip company in Dublin

In this post we would like to help you answer some of the most common and basic questions or doubts people tend to have when looking to hire a professional skip hire company in Dublin. It only made sense to partner up with one of these companies to help us provide you with good answers to these questions. Hopefully, you will find this post useful! We would like to thank for their kind help in answering these questions!

Do you need a permit to hire a skip in Dublin?

This is probably the most common question skip companies tend to get asked. The answer is, it depends. If you plan to place the skip in your yard or land that you or your company owns then you can go ahead and so without any permission. If the skip will have to be placed on public land or sidewalk or anything like that, then you will definitely want to get in touch with your local county council and get a permit for this.

In case you did not know, most skip hire companies in Dublin can and usually do apply for these permits for their client, although we have seen some rare cases with specific city councils in Dublin where they want you to apply directly. It would be best to check with your skip contractor about this, they will most likely know as they would have dealt with your area before.

What size skip should i get?

In this case you have two options to evaluate your situation. You can either look at this attached chart below which will show you skip sizes available, and simply eyeball the amount of waste that you have and have a guess!


However, guessing is probably not the best idea for doing that. You will most likely benefit from a professional consultation so it may be best to simply give one of these companies a call and talk to their sales consultant about what’s needed for your case.

Generally, the 2-4 yard skips are used for residential waste needs and tend to do the job just fine! The bigger ones are more commonly used for commercial purposes and scales. This is primarily for the reason that you need space to store your skip that big! A great tip would be to measure and plan out where your skip is going to be standing and if it’s actually going to fit there at all!

How long do I have to load the skip?

This varies based on the arrangement you had with your skip hire company, I would say that most of the time people tend to keep the skip for anything as short as a day or two, all the way to a few weeks. Obviously, the price may vary depending on how long you wish to keep the container for, some companies don’t change their price based on that. To answer the questions shortly, for as long as you need and as long as you are willing to pay for it.

What waste can I put in my skip?

Almost anything can be dumped in your skip with a few exceptions and a bit of common sense in mind. If you are unsure about something, this is definitely the question you should ask your skip provider before making a mistake. Generally these items are not allowed by skip waste recycling companies:

  • gas containers
  • tyres
  • medical waste
  • Tv’s
  • Liquids
  • Paint
  • Lightbulbs
  • Freezers & fridges





4 Reasons You Should Hire a Cleaning Company in Dublin

During these times where more and more couples resort to professional careers instead of one partner working and the other one taking care of the household, house cleaner services in Dublin are becoming more and more popular. People simply do not have the time any longer to do their own housekeeping adequately, yet most of us still like to live in a sparkling clean and pleasant smell environment. As a result of increase in demand a  number of professional cleaner companies have appeared all over Dublin and most of whom, offer excellent services at competitive rates that your regular household can easily afford. Therefore, we give you 4 reasons why you should go ahead and try out one of these companies today!

You can save time

Obviously, hiring a housekeeper will help you save at least 3-4 hours of time ever week at a small expense. Also, chances are quite good that no matter how good of a cleaner you or your partner used to be, the professional will do a better job still. Instead of spending 3-4 hours weekly doing your housekeeping, you can spend this time with your family or loved ones.

Concentrate on your work or business

If you are in a tough and competitive profession it is highly likely that it is a very mind taxing profession to be in. You can increase your productivity tremendously by hiring a good housekeeper as simple tasks like cleaning your house can take your mind and concentration off what actually matters to you. Most likely you will loose at least half a day’s progress on whatever it is you are working on.

It is very easy to hire a cleaner in Dublin these days

Times have changed and the housekeeping industry has evolved greatly. Not that long ago people still used to feel uncomfortable handing over the keys to their personal space to a complete stranger, and most of the time actually letting them roam around your home while you are not there. This is an outdated point of view, it is very rare that something bad happens to people’s homes during their cleaning visit. When you are hiring a professional company you should ask if they are insured and if they do background checks on their cleaning staff. If they do, you might decide to go as far as asking for proof for those but most of the time you can go ahead with peace of mind.

If you are lazy and don’t feel like looking we have already done the research for you, we can easily recommend Need to Clean. You can go ahead and visit their website and see their full range of services available.

They offer additional services like carpet cleaning

Most of the time these companies have a bunch of useful services that you would normally hire, but perhaps you don’t have the time to search for those. Well, problem is solved when you hire a good company. Usually they have carpet cleaners, sofa cleaners, mattress cleaners, window washers and much more for you to taker advantage of. Quite often regular clients tend to receive discounted rates for these services, so you will no longer have to look for a different service provider every time you need a small bit of cleaning done.


Inventive ways to use sugar from a Dublin mom

Did you know that there are plenty of interesting and creative ways you could use sugar around your home besides actually eating it? Just because you may have decided to cut back on your sugar consumption and have extra containers of it laying around your house that does not mean you could not use it for something else. With a little bit of research and curiosity you can find creative ways to use your sugar leftovers that you have never even though of! Well, this time we did the research for you and have come up with some interesting ways that we would be happy to share with you today.

Build a bee trap

This is one of our absolute favorites simply because it is so simple and useful for anyone to do. We have all been there when during a nice summer day having an outdoors picnic or barbeque you get lots of bees buzzing in ruining your time. There is a very simple way to build a very effective bee trap that will fix all of that for you. You will need some water, a plastic bottle, and sugar. Just take some warm water and fill a big 2 litre bottle to about 1/5 full of water. Then, add your sugar and shake well for the solution to dissolve. Once you did that, leave the bottle with an open cap somewhere close to where you are sitting. This will attract the bees and make them fall inside the plastic bottle, where they will be unable to get out. Simple as that.

Clean unpleasant smell from your hands

Now that we have opened up on the subject of cooking, we all know how unpleasant it can be to have greasy and smelly hands from those sticky ribs and onions you were handling. You may also know that regular soap will be no good here and your hands will be left with this unpleasant odour for the remainder of the day. For a simple solution, take two teaspoons of sugar and a tablespoon of regular soap. Rub the solution between your palms as if you were cleaning your hands normally and then simply wash away with water. All unpleasant smell and grease will be gone off your hands.

Cleaning grass stains with sugar


One of the most hated summer stains would have to be grass marks on your new shoes or clothes. If you ever had those then chances are that you are perfectly aware that your regular detergents will not get them out completely. One of the easiest solutions to this we have ever seen is to simply mix some sugar and warm water to a consistency of a paste. Apply the paste to your grass spots, you want to give them a good rub as well just to make sure. After that is done go ahead and leave the piece of clothing sit with the paste still on for 2-3 hours.  When you have come back, simply wash the piece of clothing in a washing machine with your regular detergent and you will have removed your grass stain.